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Now reading my dreams and goals for 2010. Wow. So encouraged to see how, even though not all the specific dreams happened exactly, they got fulfilled in spirit! And the goals for ministry in 2010... got fulfilled beyond my dreams! :)

Yes, I'm now in HopeKids ministry CG. And I'm pursuing writing as a career. Gone to Cambodia... and helped to write a cross-cultural drama.

Ministry dreams for 2010:

Establishment phase:
Establish drama ministry
Burst into two teams in second half of 2010.

Missions: Form a Hopekids missions team to perform shows for children in Cambodia in December. (For Christmas too?)

Yes, now Misha has joined onboard to do directing for the children. So glad to be used by God to play a part in helping her put her talents to good work. And guiding a team of scriptwriters as well. So now the workload is halved. Yet, it wasn't my efforts, but really the grace of God at work in me... and working for me.

That's one of the thrilling - and humbling - things about dreaming big for God. You see things happening when you dream and pray and work your best... things happening that you know it is so God and not you. :D

And we even have our own child actors as well! :D Last time the children all used to just sit back and watch the teachers perform, but inspired by Ziying's sharing about how it is important to involve children in children's ministry... I started asking the children to help act. Only a few were enthusiastic or courageous enough to respond, but that was all that was needed to kick-start. God sent us Kate. I remember taking care of her when she was in kindergarten in 2006 and 2007... She was so enthusiastic, that she even jio-ed other children to come help! Gosh. SO HEARTWARMING.

And you know, yesterday, after she had finished the Christmas drama and having acted very well, she turned to me and asked me: "Teacher Yeu Ann, could you tell me what are the areas in my acting that I need to improve in?"

OMG. I was stunned. A Primary 3 girl asking me for feedback and input... as I had exclaimed to my CG during thanksgiving sharing yesterday night, "Even some adults don't know how to ask for feedback!!!"

As Kelvin put it so well... we grow up together with the children. * ... warms the cockles of my heart... *



Still, I'm wondering at times if I jumped ahead too fast when I had transferred from HopeKinders to HopeKids LIVE... thinking that even after two years in HopeKids! But God makes no mistakes. :) The drama and everything.

I'm grateful too that God somehow used me to be a "wonderful friend and inspiring leader" to Misha (in her own words). Totally didn't expect such an encouraging affirmation from her on my birthday this year, as we're not like the 'chummy' buddy kind of ministers, and I always thought that she seemed a bit 'dao' to me at times.

So strange. That God can use someone like me to bless someone so different (and way younger than me)... but God makes no mistakes. :) I think the notion of a "generation gap" could actually be one of Satan's attempts to deceive us and delay us from making the effort to connect and understand and influence and inspire the next generation... that we're not good or savvy enough to speak their "language"... soo media-savvy and all that... then we start thinking that we can't be influential or "click" with the youths... OH COME ON! HUMBUG! NONSENSE! If the older generation doesn't influence the younger generation, who will?!

I've heard from Yufen about how her CG reached out to the member's own parents... and how she saw that the parents were actually more enthusiastic than their children in praise and worship... even though they might be spiritually "younger"... Wow! So exciting! "Your old men will dream dreams, and your young

Is there a generation gap? Only if we allow ourselves to believe that we cannot connect - and if there is a gap between what the older generation preaches... and actually practices.

I do think that the REAL generation gap is not that of a media, education or even cultural gap, but rather, a moral consistency gap in what the older generation preaches... and actually practices. For the young ones will inevitably notice any consistencies - and inconsistencies - in what we older ones say and do. So let's always be consistent in living out Christ's words AND deeds for the next generation to see and follow! :D

Hee. Then...

Personal dreams... the ones in bold have been fulfilled. The ones not in bold...

  • Serve full-time in children's ministry
  • Write down a book: "10 Things About Serving as an Introvert in Children's Ministry"
  • Writing / professional storytelling as a career?
  • Visit Cambodia again - go to the villages and orphanages
  • Organise a missions trip team
  • Explore missions in Southeast Asia / South America
  • Go deeper into community care for children in Singapore
  • See CG grow in prayer + WoG
  • Publish a children's book (on the way)
  • Implement prototype for patent
  • iPhone app development
  • Men's ministry for my CG (well, I did help to post a few articles about men's ministry, but I guess this is as far as I've gone this year. Though I have in mind to set up a boys' ministry... and in a way, I've started already this year.)
  • HopeKids online library...?
  • HopeKids video channel?
  • Children's drama script blog
  • Film-making studies?
  • Inductive Bible study...
  • HopeKids board games club?
  • Establish Writers' Circle
Yup yup... 


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