Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeling Virgin?

In Luke 1, we witness the Annunciation, in which Gabriel tells Mary that she will give birth to the long-promised & long-awaited Messiah.

And Mary's first response is: "How will this be, since I am a virgin?" (emphasis mine)

How about you? Are there challenges in which you feel totally virgin, entering virgin territory, and you feel totally unprepared? Perhaps God has called you to do something that you have totally no idea how to start. Perhaps new situations come suddenly into your life. Perhaps you know that God wants to do something new and wonderful in your life and has called you. But you have no idea how this will be, for you know that naturally speaking, it is impossible for you.

But be encouraged, dear friend. For nothing is impossible with God. :)

I recall how God has helped me expand the drama ministry from size 1 (yours truly) by bringing in people with not only great skills and talents, but great hearts & spirits. Where I have lacked knowledge, He has guided me. Though I have not much skills, He has brought people greater than me to support me in this holy task to help children appreciate the Word of Christ.

Thank God. :)

How about you? What new thing may God be wanting to birth through you? Take heart. He who made the virgin bear a son will make you bear much fruit, if you believe that He is able to do what He said.

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