Friday, December 10, 2010

Just had a poignant dream

Just had a poignant dream
Of my dad turning very old
Turning white-haired & health failing
And I was holding on to him
Calling out "Daddy, Daddy"
When suddenly I woke up
In the dim silence of the morning
It all seemed so real, that dream
And I wanted to hug my dad there & then
To feel him while he has strength yet

Mm. Lots of feelings about the inevitable senescence of my parents. I guess that's one tough thing about being born very late in your parents' lives.

My dad's 70 today. I don't think he'll see this, but happy birthday Dad. :) Gee! Thank God he's still in good health. But he has stopped exercising because of back pain. Which is a very bad thing. :((

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