Friday, December 3, 2010

Missions... Gee. Really thank God. I saw for myself the huge difference between the children who have experienced God's love... and the children who do not know His love yet. Both sides come from very poor families or even orphaned. But the difference is so vast that I know now in my heart the only way to truly make this world a better place is to share the love of Christ to every aspect of every person's life, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or socially.

There really is no better answer to this world in pain than God's own Son, Jesus Christ!

Really encourage you to go for missions trip next year if you want to have a better viewpoint of what God is doing in the world today!

Touched too by the wonderful hospitality of our rural Cambodian church hosts. They really gave out of their poverty when they welcomed us with a delicious chicken meal for example. Thank God for their generous hearts. They shared about the subtle opposition that they are facing from the predominantly Buddhist population... but despite their struggles and difficulties and challenges, they did not ask for anything except our prayers. So we prayed for them.

A village pastor has many challenges and goes unrecognized. The village pastor that we met dressed so simply and behaved so unassumingly just like the rest of his team, that when we first met him and his team, we were so surprised to learn that he was a pastor until his translator introduced him to us! But when he spoke, he spoke with a gentle, yet courageous spirit that carried spiritual authority.

Reminded of Huanyan's blog post about the North Korean girl... But how we long for our creature comforts here in Singapore.

Nothing wrong with having comforts in SG... but everything wrong if we let them blind us to the wonderful reality of God's kingdom.

Heart burdened. But I am reminded of a dear couple who risked a lot to go to a restricted country. Such unlikely heroes... but they risked much that I know what I'm doing is nothing compared to their courage. For obvious reasons I'm not naming names here!

Such are the unsung heroes of God's kingdom... unknown, unseen, unheard, unappreciated, unrewarded...unloved even. But the first shall be last, and the last first. We'll never know fully until they receive their crowns in heaven while we more celebrated ones may have to settle for our earthly trinkets. Dear unseen fauthful and courageous servants of God, your names are written in heaven and great shall be your reward when the Lord returns!

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