Sunday, December 19, 2010

Same Same But Different (Questions)

I was reading Luke 1 again when I saw the similar responses of the priest Zechariah and the virgin Mary in reply to the angel Gabriel's amazing announcements of the promised children: John the Baptist & Jesus the Christ :)

At first I was wondering how come Zechariah got scolded by the angel for his lack of faith but Mary didn't, even though both of them seemed to be asking the same question to the same promise.

But upon closer examination, I saw that Zechariah was asking, "How can I be sure?" whereas Mary was asking, "How will this be?"

Think God does understand our hearts' responses to seemingly impossible situations and promises. It's not wrong to ask for an explanation for how will an impossible promise come to pass, but to ask with the attitude of wanting to be sure first...

And I think another thing is that Zechariah had been praying for a child, whereas Mary had never been expecting a child at all (pun unintended)... yet when an angel appeared from heaven in such a special timing (and a holy moment no less)... Zechariah still couldn't be sure!

Haha... but yes... not to say that Zechariah wasn't righteous - on the contrary he was blameless...

(Maybe this is also an indirect commentary on the inadequacy of the Old Testament law to help build up a person's faith? But I speculate...)

Mm. It makes me think about my own faith in God. I know He has promised so many times. But what is my heart's attitude? Do I still ask God to make me sure? Or will I choose to trust in His timing?

But yeah. Me of little faith.

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