Sunday, August 15, 2010

An SMS I sent to a dear bro in my CG just now :)

Hey Shunrong tks so much for taking tt step to share ur concern for me in brotherly love today. :) Forgive me for my defensiveness when u voiced ur concern abt me being so tired a lot of times. :/ hmm I guess I also was v tired at tt time heh. Anyway was reflecting abt it n I think I know why I'm so tired: I often find it hard to rest. I know why I find it hard to do so. I can share more w u next time haha. So one thing u cld pray for me is to learn to rest in the Lord - bcos for me, spiritual rest does leads to physical rest. :) tks esp for being committed to me in brotherly love & honoring me above urself. U exemplify Romans 12:12 for me. Tks for being a godly eg to me, & for many others. :D

(2nd SMS)
Oops I meant to write Romans 12:10, not 12. But who knows! I think v12 is also v appropriate for u. LOL. Looks like God wants to affirm u haha...

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