Sunday, August 1, 2010

Personal Updates: The Blessing of Having A Caregroup

The Blessing of Having A Caregroup
Last Thursday, I took the initiative to ask my CG ppl who wanted to have dinner. Only Deborah and Hannah were free. So we met at Tampines IKEA. It was a great time of getting to know them better and share our lives too.

Kelvin, Yung's husband, today surprised me with two pairs of socks! (SAF socks, but still!) He said with a cheerful twinkle in his eyes, "I know you need a pair of new socks." Hong Teck, who was nearby, grinned and said that yes, because everyone in CG could see my socks have holes. Kelvin chuckled and said, "He no time to buy mah..."

Man, I was so touched. Told Kelvin too. :D

Got to chat with Soo Feng too. She's one of the founding members of Hope Singapore! A mother of four kids, and a tight career schedule too. But she's a very sweet and gentle woman, but a very courageous woman who has gone through many difficult times. I am in the presence of a saint! =D

So much more to share about the others... but yes, really very blessed.

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