Sunday, August 1, 2010

Personal Updates: The Sheer Goodness of God

Some very interesting things have been happening. But I shall focus not on about who it might be or even whether it comes to pass. But I just want to share this, because... the greater thing is that God just really cares. And He really is good.

There was this sister I liked some time back. So I told her shepherd, and her shepherd helped me ask her. The sister said no, she's not interested in me - she just wants to see me as a good friend. After some emails and chatting, it really ended very much better - and I think our friendship is richer for this experience. I learnt so much from her sharing and perspectives - and I especially value her input, because she has a lot of wise insights. And through this time, my respect for her really grew tremendously after I saw how she handled the whole thing and her feelings too. Like what Proverbs says, "A kind-hearted woman gains respect..." It's truly an honour to be her friend. So that was that, and I just continued on with life. In a way, yes, I was disappointed, but I was thankful that our friendship kept going on, and the awkwardness just went away quite quickly.

Hmm. Then, well, some time later on, out of the blue, something happened. Can't really say much here, but it's a different sister.

Initially, I was very wary of even considering this sister because of certain things that had happened between her and me. However, in a nutshell, to my surprise and astonishment, each time after I prayed - somehow some specific sign that I had prayed for to happen, really happened and happened at such a precise time.

And it happened more than once. The signs came just when I told God I was giving up on considering her. It was as though God was telling me, "Don't give up. Persevere on. It won't be easy, but that's precisely why I'm encouraging you so clearly and directly through these signs."

I was so surprised at the exact timings, that I wept before God the first time the sign appeared. It touches me deeply that God's love is so deep and real. And shall we say - He is more good than we sometimes dare to acknowledge. To our shock we realise that we have always thought God to be ... a tough-love kind of God, but much more often than not, His sheer goodness and generosity overflows. How little I know my Bible, especially the Old Testament that speak of His sheer GOODNESS.

One thing I have gotten to know more through this period is God's sheer goodness. Honestly, God just wants to bless us more than we ourselves sometimes trust Him to do so. We talk about obeying God and so on... but have we forgotten that we obey a GOOD God? Yes, we're chary of the prosperity gospel, but come, come... He is good and His love endures forever, and we would do well to declare, celebrate AND IMITATE His very goodness.

Yes, I am keeping my Three Wise Men in the loop, to be accountable to them. :) My ex-shep, my ex-ex-shep, and my ex-CL. Shared with YF too :) Her reply was surprisingly prophetic to me (though I didn't tell her that and I don't think she herself knew how prophetic her words were).

Well, I don't know what's going to happen next. Will this really turn out to be? I honestly don't know. And truth be told, I am reluctant to hope anymore. Yet... the very fact that this friendship is even alive in the first place is in itself a marvellous demonstration of God's very own glory and goodness. But if this does happen, I am confident that this is going to result in a wonderful partnership that will extend God's kingdom greatly. Praise the Lord, O my soul.

And if it doesn't? Then I will still celebrate and sing of His goodness, because this friendship once was dead, but now is alive; it was lost, but now is found. There is always something to thank God for. Amen and hallelujah!

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