Monday, July 26, 2010

So happy to be able to catch up w WZ, Huichun and Robert yesterday :) and for their advice too haha. And the nonsense tt they can come up with...

Also something exciting. Discussed w HT abt the possibility of hvg a separate kids' CG for the more boisterous boys. HT said it's a very brilliant idea. I think it's abt time too 'cos the current structure we hv is unable to accommodate the needs of the more active kids esp the boys. So HT asked me to send him a proposal to him abt I plan to run the CG for the boys.

I think I'll call the CG 'The Adventurers'. This is from the book of Judges, where one guy got thrown out of his father's household by his stepbrothers. He then went to the land of Tob, where a band of adventurers gathered around him. :) He eventually became one of the judges of Israel, and included in the 'Hall of Faith'. So likewise, I believe God sees these 'troublemaker' kids as adventurers for Christ, and eventually mighty men of God.

You know, one of the boys seem 'socially misfit' as in doing his own stuff while the other kids sit down & behave. But thing is, Wan Yueh & her team r reaching out to him. And they discovered tt he enjoys the drums. So they gave him drum lessons on the condition tt he behave himself during service. And he did. Now he's getting more skilled in playing the drums - Jon & I heard him play 'This is the Day'... Awesome!

And God is doing wonderful things among us, especially the working adults. Kim Chun & Kim Leong's family received Christ! Overjoyed to hear the good news.  And Joyce's sharing how God is showing her signs for a certain country even as she prays... So fast some more, and how God used me to be one
of the sign-bearers to her - and tt happened when I somehow decided to encourage & pray for a very discouraged bro on Facebook... A chain reaction of prayer!

Sharon's prayer answered - she got a scholarship finally! And she appeared in the news too. :D

Shunrong being promoted... God rewarding him for his righteousness...

And for me personally, God using me last week, thru a supernatural prompting by the Holy Spirit to minister to a dear bro... The timing was so precise tt the bro, being touched by God alr...when I went over
to the bro, he burst into tears. And he does not cry very easily... I guess my coming over must hv been a sign from God for him... Truly the love of our Father is so great!

Signs here, signs there... Waves of mercy, waves of grace... everywhere I go I see Your face... totally not me, but Christ who loved me and died for me. For the gift of His Holy Spirit!

And now I see yet an even clearer direction from You on the role You have in mind for me in the children's ministry. Gosh. I see how my own life history has shaped me to be the right kind of person for this task. Wow. God You are the Master Maker, the Grand Weaver, the Potter.

Praying that God will help me grow in godly attitudes that influence, both in the workplace & in my family. To be more Christlike and bring life to my workplace - not by lively personality, but by choosing to
see Christ at work even in the dearest of situations.


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