Saturday, July 10, 2010

I saw a rainbow on Thursday. It came at just the right time. I had been feeling quite tired and discouraged, and was telling God about my fears and feelings of incompetency. After I finished praying, I was thinking whether to walk to City Hsll or Dhoby Ghaut. Just asked God which way he'd like me to go today. Hee.

Well, I chose to go DBG. Then, for some inexplicable reason, I looked up and saw The Rainbow. :)

Hee. Yufen shared last time about how she likes rainbows because when she was very discouraged a few times, she saw rainbows after she prayed. And the Bible tells us that a rainbow is a sign of God's promise to us.


So I wondered if this rainbow that I saw was God sending a sign to encourage me, especially with regards to what He promised me He would do for me. Who knows? In my discouraged state of mind, I wasn't sure whether this was indeed a sign or just a coincidence.

But it happened right after I prayed, and of course Yufen's testimony and God's own promise to me... I decided to smile and be thankful.

Then heh, I had the sudden prompting to tell one of my friends - a non Christian - about the rainbow. I had the feeling that she would need the encouragement because her day would have been stressful. So I told her.

She messaged back: I love rainbows!!! And my day was stressful!

Wow. Thank God. You know, God really cares for the whole world, and the rainbow is one of His promises to all people, not only those who are saved, but also the unsaved. Marvelling at the sheer kindness of God, that he graciously chooses to use us Christians to bless people around us, regardless of race, language or religion. :)

"And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

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