Monday, July 26, 2010

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Me: "How was the camp? :)"

Bro from uni: "v tiring. caught a flu too. but felt v refreshed though. it's a cip camp. the mental illness patients r genuine n humble ppl. it's great being their friend"

What a great bro. =D And made me think - sometimes our afflictions cause us to have to break down our "self-righteousness". That we know we can't hide anymore behind the facade of "normalcy".

I think this bro's honest words really touched me so much. "It's great being their friend." And Jesus would say this of the tax-collectors and prostitutes: "It's great being their friend." And of course, He was slapped with the label "Friend of Sinners" by the "healthy" people.

Maybe it's because of their genuineness and humility. That they know their own poverty of condition. And they've learnt to embrace their brokenness. Not to wallow in our brokenness, but gracefully stop denying and start accepting the fact that they are broken. Only when the patient accepts the fact that he has cancer, can the doctor start the healing.

I think I also found freedom too in learning to embrace my own brokenness. Especially back in Sep 2005. :)

Only those who have been hungry know how good bread tastes.

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