Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Gruesomely Ruesomely Rudesomely Groo

I do truly rue the day I met a Groo
  Nose red and ears green, and his toes tinkly blue
I did think it'd be good to friend him that same day,
  To ask him his name, and what games he could play.
But he sweetly gurgled and burpled murgly snoo
  All his mucusy green goo right into Mum's shoes!
Mum's brand new leather shoes! So new that you heard 'Moo'
  Then oh, gruesome Groo, he did bend down and poo
On where I happened to stand. I tell you, I was NOT
  Amused the day I met that grue-some Groo-ooooh!

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