Friday, January 29, 2010

Ok, haha. Got that feeling off my chest. And come to think of it, God can and does use long-winded people...

Stories, stories, stories. That's your strength, YA, so capitalize on it. Do not be ashamed of your gifts, and do not overlook them. Don't compare with others - even though others tell you that you should be better in this and that area. But listen to God who gave you your unique gift, and use it for His glory.

Thank God for Hong Teck who shared this wisdom with us before - so different from the standard "wisdom" of a lot of people today - that life's too short to waste time on trying to be perfect in every area... so just focus on the strengths God has given us, and work on any weaknesses that hinder the strengths God has given us.

Not about self-actualization or fulfillment, but about being what GOD wants me to be... no, not even that, good though it is. Be and do what God wants. Not about me, but about Him. He must increase, I must decrease. That's the way to true happiness and fullness of life that Jesus promised.

Jesus: "Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for me and the gospel will find it." :D Amen!

But yes, if I had a wish, I would wish that God would give me a better tongue to share more effectively with others. I can work on that... just ... need some help and encouragement. :)

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