Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I set my mind on you Lord
I choose you every time
Focus my eyes on you Lord
And dedicate my life

Here I am use me
Come into my life
I want to be more like Jesus
Until the end of time

Hanhui's FB comment to my FB status:
"The beauty is the more you love without the return, the more you will 'feel' the Christlikeness formed in you. Easy to bear? Not necessarily! But God never say maturing was easy... :P"

Wow. It's a timely refreshing reminder. Thank You Father, for Hanhui! Haha... now I remember him telling me that back when he was my CL a long time ago in NUS. (I think.)
(And Peter's reply really encouraged me too!)

But yes, am encouraged again! Because I am reminded that the end-goal of a Christian is not happiness per se, not even being surrounded by many many friends and loved ones... but nothing less than Christ formed in me! :D To be totally lost in the One who made me, loved me, sought me and gave His life in love for me. =)

There's some people I need to make the decision to love, even though likely they will reject me anyway. I need courage to do the good thing - to love.

I want to be more like Jesus, until the end of time.

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