Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I think another important thing I learnt from the missions trip was getting to peek into the magnificence of what God is doing out there in the whole wide world. He is the Lord of the harvest! And He calls us to come partner with Him in harvesting the world to bring many more people into His wonderful kingdom of light.

It's like what Joyce said: "He has gone before you and prepared the field!"

Also had the chance to read part of "Killing Fields, Living Fields" by Don Cormack (published by Overseas Missionary Fellowship) at the airport before we flew back home. The book made me cry, because I was so touched to see how real God's love is, even in the worst kind of conditions that humans can inflict. And sobered to see how not only persecution, but also freedom can distract people from the Lord. And why having godly leaders to teach and lead the flock well is so important. Otherwise false teachers will arise to lead the flock astray. Sobered up, that I know I must schedule and put in more effort to study my Bible even more this year.

Feel so awed to be used by God to play a very, very, very tiny part in His magnificent plan for the Church all across the world. And realise how dispensible I am, yet He still graciously invites me to come join Him in this wonderful ministry to save the world. Very encouraged to see all the wonderful things God is doing in raising up a new generation of Christians in Cambodia.

You know a missions trip is great when people don't say: "Look at what we did!", but instead say: "Look at what God did!"

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