Friday, January 29, 2010

5 Sweet Simple Steps for Scripture Study

I went down to Clarence's CG today. Was very blessed and touched by Jason's teaching from Genesis 1. He shared the principles of Bible study, and expounded on Gen 1, what it means for our lives. Even though he was teaching from a book by Ann Graham (so it's not his own content), you could feel that he really shared in a way that made you think and ponder. =)

Anyway, share with you the 5 steps for an effective Bible study. They're just guidelines, but I think very helpful guidelines.

  1. Look in God's Word. Feel free to underline, circle or otherwise mark text if it will aid your study.
  2. List the facts. Make a verse-by-verse list of the most obvious facts. What does the passage say? Do not paraphrase.
  3. Learn the lessons. What lessons can be learned from these facts? What do the facts mean? Is there an example to follow? Warning to heed? Promise to claim? Command to obey?
  4. Listen to His voice. What does this passage mean to you? Rewrite the lessons from Step 3 in the form of a question to ask yourself or another.
  5. Live it out! Pinpoint what God is saying to you from the passage. How will you respond? Write down today's date and what you will do now to live it out.
May you taste the richness and goodness of God's word each delicious day! :D

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