Sunday, January 3, 2010

First day of Cambodia trip.

Left my luggage behind at airport. But God's grace upon me. And thru this incident, reflected abt the grace - not mere tolerance, but sweet grace - tt the others showed me, no complaining or grumbling. Which spoke a lot to me.

Grace in accepting others' strange little quirks, and you realise that you're free to accept the grace others can show to you too. 'Cos everyone has their own quirks.

S21 genocide museum. Was moved, but the part where I saw all the rows of photos lined up with people staring helplessly out of their grayed photos... tears to the eyes. The depths of human wickedness... and the shocking realization that the murderers were ordinary youths, just like you and me. And the victims too. How the human heart has the capacity for such fallenness... were it not for God's grace and mercy and the legal systems and cultures He's set up...

It's something to be able to stare boldy and fully into the face of evil, and not be shaken by the seeming power of evil but command the power of God to defeat evil... but it's also something to be able to gaze tearingly upon the broken bodies and souls of those struck down by evil men and women... and weep with gut-wrenching compassion. And Jesus was able to do both.

Anyway, it was good, and I prayed for the souls of all those tortured and killed... may God be merciful and gracious to them...

Really appreciate how Cambodia has moved on. One of the bros said that the govt should close down S21 'cos it's not good to bring up the past again and again. But I disagree... think it's important to honour the memories of those who died... honour them, that never again may such a horror occur again, by God's mercy.


Well, we went on. We had a good lunch, and food was good! Drank two coconuts :)

Shopped till we almost dropped.

Tml is going to be the actual start.

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