Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warmth in the Storm

Thank God for Peter. He messaged me to see how I was. He came like a warm fire in a midnight blizzard.

Very grateful how God sends brothers along to encourage.

Something I realised over the years is that I'll keep on struggling with "blizzards". But in the words of Leo Tolstoy:
"If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side! If it is not the right way, then show me another way; but if I stagger and lose the way, you must help me, you must keep me on the true path, just as I am ready to support you. Do not mislead me, do not be glad that I have got lost, do not shout out joyfully:'Look at him! He said he was going home, but there he is crawling into a bog!' No, do not gloat, but give me your help and support." - Leo Tolstoy in a personal letter

I need people, man. I need the Body of Christ. And I'm thankful for this weakness that forces me to team together with others. Because it keeps me broken and humble, and in unity with Christ and his church. And... the Church allows me to experience God in a very deep, personal and human way too.

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