Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sigh. Tried doing the long-overdue website for Hope Ecuador. But I feel pinned down by some worries. HopeKids script as well.

Oh. I remember Spencer wanted to try his hand at writing the skit. =)

And there's the Paypal issue to fix for my client's website. Sick of Paypal.

But ah. I need to be God's pray pal. =)

Hmm. Transition period. Not easy I guess. Starting to feel that period of lostness in a way. Not to say that I don't have ppl to meet up with. But... just don't want to bother them too much during this time, even tho I am so fortunate to have ppl to meet up with.

But yeah... just sitting here on my own. Ah well. Thank God for the blessing of having a job during this time. Lends a certain structure.

Hold me steady, Father, during this time. Please help me walk before You and be blameless I pray. So many things I want to do and can do. But just getting distracted I guess.

I was touched by a friend's card from my previous CG. That there's a mutual situation that we'd both experienced, and gone through. So it reminded me that I'm not alone.


But the journey ahead, as my CG reminded me, will not be easy. They know, along with me, that this will be a lonely road, with few to understand and share the joy.

Ah. But our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us a eternal glory that will outweigh them all. =) And I am encouraged again when reminded of what the Bible promises.

Ohhh... 2 Corinthians 4... the whole passage encourages my heart very much. A huge whisper from God during this transition time.

Grateful for the new company of heroes (both bros and sisters) whom I am serving together with. =) Amen.

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