Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ID Conference Reflections: Part 1 - Community within the Conference

Still thinking about ID2010 Conference. Though I only managed to go for one out of the four sessions (video-editing galore), God really encouraged me both through the Spirit and through bro Kim Leong that it's ok about the little that we've received, as long as we faithfully put it to work.

Went in with expectant heart, and I was not disappointed. How could one be? For the very presence of the living God Almighty was there. "For where two or three..."

The Family Day today (it totally rocked big time) was great! Saw a lot of bros and sisters there. And I jousted with Kim Leong. He's a martial arts trainer, but haha, he was very merciful to me. I got exhausted after handling the "weapon", but glad, because we ended with a respectable draw. =D

Actually, this time of ID conference was a very heartwarming and meaningful time for me. I deeply enjoyed and treasured the time with my caregroup. Actually, this is a breakthrough for me, as the past camps, I'd struggled with feeling part of the caregroup. In part it was due to the CG's health, and also my own weaknesses, and also just the way that my natural personality is as compared to the rest. But as I took to praying for my CG on a regular basis, God softened my heart to love my CG more. I think it's a two-way thing - that God worked in the hearts of the people as I prayed for them, and He also worked in my heart. Because I am part of my caregroup too. (Logical, right? Haha.)

I do feel sad that I'll have to say goodbye to my caregroup in a couple of weeks. But praise God for the joy of the sorrow of having to say goodbye. "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

So grew in friendship with Kim Leong, and whoa, I am so thankful to God for this dear brother. We clicked fast haha ever since he came to know Christ. And his earnest desire to learn the Word of God more, and his conviction to obey the Bible - this I do believe is the grace of God at work in his life. Some of the things that he shared with me encourage me deeply, and I feel refreshed spiritually by him, even though he's a new believer. Should I even say "even though"? After all, it is not our own knowledge of spiritual things, or how long we have been in church, that refreshes others, but rather, how fresh our daily walk with the Father is, thanks to the Holy Spirit who lives in us and works through us to refresh others with the word of our Lord Jesus Christ. "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly..."

So whenever we share of God's goodness, we are encouraging one another of God's goodness. As such, his earnestness encourages me to share more Bible verses with him, which revives and rouses the heart of a disciple-maker in me, and helps me see afresh the joy of God's word in my life too. A Berean-hearted bro with childlike faith! :) Age is no barrier to a childlike faith in Christ indeed.

And I'm so thankful too for Zhenzhong's encouragement (the one in my CG). It was a simple, but heartfelt one. It encouraged me a lot, that I am on the right path, by God's grace, and that what I'm doing right now is an encouragement to others as well.

Blessed too by Andrewer. =D He really helped me during the weekend when I had to rush out the K Conference videos by "courier"-ing the K Conference video files off to the service venue as I finished them on the fly. He told me, "I'm willing to be your DHL any time." Gosh. Deeply blessed by this dear brother's acts of service and kindness. Better a neighbour nearby than a relative far away. Blood may be thicker than water, but spirit is thicker than blood! He also got me beancurd for breakfast and fresh fruits for supper while I was doing my overnighters.

Very blessed too by some of my CG ppl. Though they couldn't help much practically, their prayers and SMSes more than made up for it. Perhaps sometimes the most practical thing one can do for someone is to pray for and encourage him/her.

Sweetly blessed too to see Uncle Lee and Elvis. And saw the ring on Melissa's finger too! Haha. Robert, must take good care of your wife-to-be ok... Wish I could have met up with more people... but it was good nevertheless.

Well, next part coming up. Scribbling these messy notes down so that I won't forget what little gold I have gleaned from the K Conference! "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets..."

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