Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just finished leading discussion.

Just finished leading discussion.

Haha. Thank God for His helping me do my best. God knows I prepared what I could, including a video & a story to end it off. And I think the most important message that was left in their hearts was a message of encouragement that though we fear holiness partly bcos we know how high God's standard of holiness is, yet we can take heart that He, the holiest one of all, is also the most approachable being in the universe.

How great the Father's love, that He who lives in unapproachable light, crossed the uncrossable chasm between Him & man by dying for our sins. How deep the Father's love, how vast beyond all measure!

That God, so holy holy holy that no man can see Him & live, made a way for us to come with confidence into His presence through the blood of Jesus. And therefore we can have hope in our struggle to be holy - that He is with us.

And thank God too that though I overran my time, the story that I shared at the end really blessed and opened the eyes of the sleepy sisters :) hee. Save the best for the last!

Looking back at this, I still feel very scared as in I was afraid of making mistakes. But I prayed a silent prayer to God, asking Him to help me, because I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. And yes, in my weakness He spoke in His power through me to deliver both what I had planned, and what He planned instead.

Hee. I think the greatest fear I have in leading a discussion is that I'll go on and on. Ah a watch/clock is a must for me. :) Yet strangely, though I'm scared, I also enjoy preparing for & facilitating discussions. It gives me a better insight too into how I can support & encourage others who lead discussions.

Ha. Not easy, but I am the Lord's servant. Oh God, I surrender all. In Jesus' holy name amen.

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